Services Offered By David Kerr Roofing Specialists Northern Ireland
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Our Services

We put our customers first

Flat Roof Maintenance

Commercial roofing project maintenance can prevent accelerated roof failure and add substantially to the life of the roof. The condition of the roof at the time of reroofing could also play a factor in the reroofing choices available to you. Roof maintenance programs should include the following:

  • Semi-annual inspections
  • Regular cleaning of roof surfaces, especially at drains
  • Intervals should be determined by the amount of tree growth near the roof
  • Surface membrane examination (check for bald spots)
  • Check for un-adhered seams and tears in membrane
  • Examine ponding areas closely
  • If leaks are occurring, a moisture survey should be performed to determine the extent of moisture within the roof system and possible leak infiltration points.

Commercial Roof Maintenance

Your roof is too costly of an investment to leave to chance, Our Commercial Roof Maintenance Program Includes:


  1. Free Estimates
  2. Moisture survey inspections
  3. Visual Inspections
  4. Inspection Reports
  5. Photos
  6. Response with 24 hours of leak repairs; 48 hours for other emergencies
  7. Completion of all repairs and replacement in a manner consistent with the highest standards of the roofing industry.

Residential & Commercial Roofing

Build up Felt Roofing

Our Built up Roofing systems consist of two or more superimposed layers of a bitumen roofing sheet fused together by torch application method. This multi-layer system allows greater levels of defence against water ingress and damp.

The ideal membrane would combine a base of high stiffness and tension, with a low stiffness matrix to provide the most effective combination of characteristics to resist movement and effectively maintain waterproofing integrity.

Within these membranes, the materials consist of a reinforcement base of glass (or polyester coated) with oxidised or modified bitumen. This is a popular choice of roof covering due to the strong waterproofing and adhesive properties of bitumen. But, it is the nature of the reinforcing base that controls the strength and fatigue resistance.

There are many felt roofing systems available, such as “Torch-on” systems and “Cut to fall” insulation systems. The more common being Torch-on, which is a means of adhering membranes for built-up roofing.


EPDM  is the common abbreviation of Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer. It is a synthetic rubber membrane, the first of which was developed in America and has been used on roofs as far back as the 1960s. It is a great testament to EPDM that it is still being used to this day, over 50 years later.

In recent years, consumers have realised that EPDM  synthetic rubber is a great modern solution. The product is made to measure the size of the roof which negates problems associated with parting joints. EPDM  rubber will flex and resist temperature change without peeling or cracking and it is also resistant to atmospheric pollution.

EPDM  compares very well against other flat roofing materials such as PVC or bituminous products and is environmentally friendly. This type of synthetic rubber membrane is a remarkable material that can stretch, is durable and is unaffected by UV light and Ozone.

Historically, EPDM  has been used in various climatic conditions from the extreme heat of Arizona and the Middle East to the extreme cold (Arctic) conditions of Alaska and Northern Europe.

Liquid Applied Waterproof Systems

Waterproof and Weatherproof coatings giving protection to all roof surfaces (asbestos, felt roofs, asphalt roofs, and also cast iron roofs and gutters. Instant waterproofing which can be applied even when it’s raining.

Clear coatings are also available for roof lights, which will withstand severe impacts.


Rooflight Replacement

Many buildings require a source of natural light and therefore have rooflights incorporated into the roof. Rooflights can be of various materials and design such as northlight glazing, domes and GRP translucent sheets.

Defective and ageing rooflights can often be the cause of roof leaks or insufficient light levels. We have many years experience replacing all types of rooflight with up to date systems. These include single skin and factory assembled insulated GRP rooflights (FAIRS), GRP and polycarbonate domes and multi-wall polycarbonate glazing systems.